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Your mental health deservesa lot of care and attention as the physical health. Mananalam developed Mental Health Care Clinic for the recovery-based mental health services for the people with psychotic illness.We will support people with mental illness and we take complete pride in being the specialists in psychosis. We know that these symptoms will be distressing, thus we will assist you and your entire family with complex needs that will come from living with the mental illness. We will help with the strategies to reduce distress as well as help you to your path of recovery.

Our dedicated and qualified team will help you with many other life matters such as relationship breakdowns, loss and grief, post-traumatic stress and substance abuse. Mananalam Mental Health Care Clinic provide assessment, consultation and counseling services to families, adults, children, communities and groups for the mental health and mental illness issues.

Mananalam accomplishes their mandate by six lines of the business: preventing any illness or injury; promoting their health and comfort; providing right care; treating injury and illness; giving rehabilitative services; and administering distinctive programs.

The services and programs that promote their health and comfort include health promotion &health protection activities. And preventing injury and illness occurs through the early intervention as well as use of best information like with the screening and the injury prevention activities. So, you can visit our online website and get more details now.

Missionof Mananalam is to help residents of Chennai and surrounding area deal efficiently with all the difficulties, problems, as well as obstacles that might arise in every person’s life, no matter whether caused by the situational, psychological, vocational or any substanceinduced factors.

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  • Pursuit of excellence

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