Psychiatrist Counselling in Chennai

Welcome, Mananalam providesPsychiatrist counselling therapy andguidance … we provide the safe place and where you may put down the armor and share your life, story and whateveris painful and confusing to youconfidentially. Together, we will find the new and wholehearted way to be in our ‘own’ world. You may make some incredible changes as well as empower yourself in taking right path that is good for YOU.

At times it is difficult to manage to your emotions and stress. You might feel lost orconfused, like you do not have any answers to any important questions. Psychotherapy is a best option for you. It is very helpful to find right support as well as guidance from somebody with the objective view point. Psychotherapy will provide you with the effective coping mechanisms, which will allow you function in a better way. We will help you to navigate through your stress of you daily life as well as teach you the effective ways of minimizingall negative emotions. We also can help you to know what your goals areor what’s standing in a way of attaining them.

What exactly is psychotherapy?

The therapy comes from Greek work called therapiesthat means healing. Therefore, psychotherapy means healing of psyche or mind. Symptomatic treatment of the psychiatrist psychotherapy generally aims to know “why” and not only “what” of person’s problems. This aims to heal emotional wounds, which give rise to symptoms! The psychotherapists will help the people to overcome their stress, relationship problems andemotional and troublesome habits.

Counseling ortherapy is the process of growth.

Adult mind is evolving and growing constantly, incorporating andadapting. For me therapy is the process of the personal growth as well as healing of the emotional wounds through the therapeutic relationship with the professional who gives unconditional positive empathic andunderstanding of your world.We also accept you on how you’re for who you’re. We give you the place to be real you without any judgements and promise to believe you in wholeness. We think that “Something isn’t wrong with you … but something wrong has happened to you”.

So remember “you aren’t a disorder, but victim of it”

Aimis helping youto elevate distress you go through as well as heal you or equip you with the skills to not allow yourself to be vulnerable to problems in future. Our approach to the therapy is Eclectic that implies we respect everybody’s individuality and personalize process according to everyone’s unique requirements.With Person Centered Approach that we give you with thehavenwhere you can talk freely about the problems and express real you! The cognitive behavioral techniques, relaxation techniques, active directive methods, and mindfulness techniques are applied during course of the therapy as and when any need arises. Simultaneously therapist is analytically informed. Keep in mind process of the therapy as of change is tough and we’re there for you in each step of a way – UNCONDITIONALLY!